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The Seatles - Seattle's Premier Fab-Four Sing-Along Band

Traditional favorites at the Northwest Folklife Festival, the Seatles performances are fun for the whole family, from the grandparents who first saw the four lads from Liverpool on the Ed Sullivan show, to the parents who were delighted to learn that Paul McCartney was in a band before Wings, to the kids who rediscovered the madcap mop-tops on CD and now know every nuance of every recording ever released.

Don't miss a chance to sing along with the Seatles at your next party, corporate event, or Folklife Festival!

Lyrics for the 2018 Folklife show
Sunday, May 27th, 12:30 p.m.


"The Seatles drew one of the largest crowds we've ever had on the Fisher Green!"  
-- Festival Programs Coordinator
Northwest Folklife
"HUGELY popular"  
-- Joanne Lauterjung,
Columbia City BeatWalk Coordinator


The Seatles are:
· Peter Langston - Bass
· Robin McGillveray - Guitar
· Mark Ouelette - Guitar
· John Reagan - Drums

The Seatles were the brainchild of:
· Jack Hansen - Guitar
1949-2009 memorial photo page
· Paul de Barros - Music critic


The Seatles play Taxman at Northwest Folklife in 2014

A short montage of the Seatles leading a sing-along at the 2010 Folklife Festival.

A video clip of the Seatles playing in the park in Burien, July 2011.

The Seatles in Leslie and Greg's "Seattle Songwriters" blog.


T-shirts? Yes, of course there are T-shirts! Look here.

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